The IAM US Open Memory Championship 2016 took place on July 2nd and 3rd in Rockland Academy, 5340 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, United States.  The event was organised by memory coach Florian Dellé from

The event was organised to National Standard and was an Open competition ranked by the WMSC.  Taking part were:

  • Alex Mullen(USA)
  • Simon Reinhard (Germany)
  • Livan Grijalva(USA)
  • Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh (Mongolia)
  • Generosa Derrada (Philippines)
  • Shayne Teofilo (Philippines)
  • Melanie Höllein (Germany)
  • Lance Tschirhart (USA)
  • Everett Chew (USA)
  • Johannes Mallow (Germany)
  • Emma Andersson (Sweden)

Here are the amazing results:

  • 5min Words world record: 134 by Simon Reinhard
  • 5min Binary world record: 1110 by Alex Mullen
  • 5min Binary junior world record: 900 by Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh
  • Abstract Images junior world record: 382 by Emma Andersson
  • 15min Numbers world record: 1100 by Alex Mullen
  • 15min Numbers junior world record: 840 by Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh
  • 10min Cards world record: 408 cards by Alex Mullen
  • Speed Numbers joined world record: 520 by Alex Mullen
  • Speed Cards world record: 19.406 seconds by Alex Mullen
  • Speed Cards Junior world record: 23.216 seconds by Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh

New #1 in the IAM world rankings by ONE POINT lead: Alex Mullen!