The IAM wants to grow. It wants to become the best it can be. In the last few weeks we have heard many people ask how they can help. Our answer is: You can help by volunteering and joining our new teams. You can make a difference.

If you want to apply for any of those teams and/or have further questions, please message us at We would be extremely happy to have you all working together with us on this great cause.

Kindest regards

The International Association of Memory (IAM)

PR & Social Media

This team contains the topics public communications, organiser liaison, networking, media and recruiting. We are looking for people willing to help. A command of the English language would be nice, as well as communication skills and a feel for social interactions. Any experience above that is highly welcome.

WMC planning

This team organizes our efforts regarding our own WMC (stay tuned for an announcement in that regard). It involves talking to sponsors, planning future WMCs, organizing logistics and devising application criteria.

Arbiting and Rules

This involves arbiter management, competition management, rules and voting proceedings. While there will already be people in this team, we need additional persons who would like to contribute to building a consistent network of rules regarding arbiting, dealing with the competition rules, creating new disciplines, handling voting proceedings and similar things. It will have a stronger administrational aspect so we are looking for people interested in that. Experience in the field is big plus.

Legal and Finance

This team is responsible for necessary legal matters and financial tasks. Please be advised that we are not looking for full-time lawyers, of course. There will also not be any legal responsibility with those tasks fulfilled: We are interested in expertise to consult and help us on a volunteer basis if things need to be clarified or taken care of.

Statistics and Homepage

This involves inputting and maintaining statistics after competitions, ensuring standards are updated if applicable and setup and maintenance of our website from an IT point of view.