Dear athletes,

Our Images discipline will be used very soon at both the IAM/AMSC Korean Open and the IAM French Open. We have received feedback from a large number of athletes, who have enjoyed trying it out and have submitted their training scores. A big thank you to them! On the basis of these responses, we have agreed on amount-based scoring (no timers), with a standard of 320:  That means a raw score of 320 images gives 1000 championship points. There will be 7 pages (350 images in total).

The updated public database of all our images is now available at:!AtKAaoVTOKm_fj0avar-IBeNNCc

It now contains more than 6000 images. Many thanks to the team members. We would expressly like to stress the efforts of Kevin Schulz for his fantastic work on filtering the database to find suitable images! We are looking forward to seeing this discipline in action and discovering what you can achieve!

Additionally, over the past few months a number of standards have been broken, which means that it is time for us to announce some changes to the standards. The following revised standards are effective as of now and will be used at the IAM/AMSC Korean Open for the first time:

5-minute Binary        1178

10-minute Cards           436

15-minute Names          210

15-minute Numbers        1112

The IAM Rules & Rankings team have also been considering a change to the standard adjustment rules for the future. We will soon discuss the different possibilities with the memory community.


Your IAM Rules & Rankings team