Co-author: Charifa Souissi

Upcoming IAM events around the world

After a memory year packed with IAM competitions in South Korea, France, Germany, Philippines, Japan, Mongolia, Malaysia, England and Hong Kong, the last quarter of 2017 promises to be extremely interesting too!

  • Africa:
    • Moroccan Open: we will soon announce the date and registration details for an IAM event in this country.
  • Australia:
    • Australian Open: the IAM is happy to announce the 1st IAM Australian Open Memory Championship, to be hosted by experienced organiser and successful athlete Tansel Ali and his team. This will be held in Melbourne on 25–26 November. You can register at
  • Asia:
    • Singapore Open: the Singapore Memory Sports Association will run this event on 30 September and 1 October.
    • Indian Open: hosted by the Indian Memory Sports Council, Dr. Kranthi Raj and Sushant Mysorekar on 15 October in Mumbai.
    • Taiwan Mind Sports Championship 2017 will take place on 14–15 October in Taoyuan City, Taiwan and is organised by Eric Wang. You can register here.


And finally: the biggest event of the year!
The IAM World Memory Championship 2017 will take place on 1–3 December in Jakarta, Indonesia.
We have already received confirmation of attendance from athletes in 16 countries. This will be a fantastic opportunity to reunite with friends from all over the world who love memory sports. The reigning World Memory Champion and current world no. 1, Alex Mullen, will also be there, aiming to defend his title!
As the location is near the beach, why not stay and enjoy a holiday after the competition? See a video of the competition venue here:

Please visit for more details and registration info. You can also e-mail the team at

Registration is now open at